Powered Parachute Flight 11-24-15

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 was a somewhat rare, sunny and nice November day in Indiana so I took advantage and made a two-hour flight in my powered parachute with the goal of taking lots of pictures of the Greenfield and New Palestine areas in Indiana.

I’d like to give a special thanks to C. Mark Tomlin (Black Rocket Photography) for the take-off and flyby photos. Be sure to check him out for senior and family portraits.

Here is the GPS track from the entire flight:

Stretching out before the long flight:

Building the wing:


Heading out:

Looking east toward Greenfield:
PPC Flight -20151124-0043

Looking southeast toward Ridgewood Estates:
PPC Flight -20151124-0070

Ridgewood Estates looking east from an altitude of around 1000′:
PPC Flight -20151124-0089

PPC Flight -20151124-0094

PPC Flight -20151124-0102

Evens house:
PPC Flight -20151124-0116

Richardson house:
PPC Flight -20151124-0132

Holden house:
PPC Flight -20151124-0139

Looking southeast along Harmony Trail and Peace St.:
PPC Flight -20151124-0147

Looking southeast along Peace St. and Pleasant Dr.:
PPC Flight -20151124-0143

Looking east-northeast toward Greenfield from above Ridgewood Estates:
PPC Flight -20151124-0151

Ridgewood Estates looking toward the north from south of Jacobi Road:
PPC Flight -20151124-0172

West side of Ridgewood looking toward the north:
PPC Flight -20151124-0180

Distant view of Ridgewood looking towards the northeast:
PPC Flight -20151124-0221

Closer now:
PPC Flight -20151124-0753

PPC Flight -20151124-0776

PPC Flight -20151124-0786

PPC Flight -20151124-0869

PPC Flight -20151124-0880

PPC Flight -20151124-0895

Looking west:
PPC Flight -20151124-0902

PPC Flight -20151124-0907

Looking north-northwest:
PPC Flight -20151124-0920

Looking northeast:
PPC Flight -20151124-0921

Smith farm looking southeast:
PPC Flight -20151124-0098

…and looking west-southwest:
PPC Flight -20151124-0158

Looking southwest towards New Palestine into the sun and haze:
PPC Flight -20151124-0207

Looking southeast towards Shelbyville. Even with the haze you can see the smoke from the Knauf Fiberglass factory in Shelbyville along the horizon in the upper left of the photo:
PPC Flight -20151124-0210

Here is a closeup crop of the Knauf factor from the above photo:
PPC Flight -20151124-0210-2

Sullivan house on 200S:
PPC Flight -20151124-0839

A very hazy downtown Indianapolis:
PPC Flight -20151124-0246

Cain farm on 200 South:
PPC Flight -20151124-0268

Looking southeast along the railroad towards Morristown and Rushville:
PPC Flight -20151124-0283

Looking northeast towards Greenfield from Brookville road between 300W and 400W:
PPC Flight -20151124-0298

New Palestine High School:
PPC Flight -20151124-0306

Looking northwest over New Palestine from about 1000′ altitude:
PPC Flight -20151124-0313

New Palestine High School and sports complex. Notice the Dragon football team on the field practicing for the state finals. Go Dragons!
PPC Flight -20151124-0331

“New” bridge over Sugar Creek south of New Palestine:
PPC Flight -20151124-0369

New Palestine Cemetery:
PPC Flight -20151124-0379

Dragon football practice:
PPC Flight -20151124-0406

PPC Flight -20151124-0440

Downtown Indianapolis:
PPC Flight -20151124-0425

PPC Flight -20151124-0435

Looking along Brookville Road to downtown Indy:
PPC Flight -20151124-0535

Looking east towards New Palestine:
PPC Flight -20151124-0543

Stoffel and Snyder houses (friends of mine!):
PPC Flight -20151124-0581

PPC Flight -20151124-0594

Looking toward downtown Indy along US 40:
PPC Flight -20151124-0964

Looking east along I-70 towards Greenfield:
PPC Flight -20151124-1042

Looking west along I-70 towards Indianapolis:
PPC Flight -20151124-1073

View of downtown Indy from over runway 7-25 at Indianapolis Regional Airport:
PPC Flight -20151124-1086

Gorgeous sunset after a perfect flight!
PPC Flight -20151124-1284

Sunset behind the control tower at Indianapolis International Airport:
PPC Flight -20151124-1323

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