M-31 – Andromeda Galaxy

Here is a photo of the Andromeda Galaxy M-31 photographed from Fairland, Indiana on December 11, 2014.

Canon 1D Mk IV
70-200 f/2.8 L IS II
iOptron SkyTracker
Backyard EOS software for camera control

Exposure info:
200mm f/2.8 ISO 1600
22 light frames – 11 @ 90 seconds, 11 @120 seconds
44 dark frames 1 flat frames 30 bias frames

The images were stacked using Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) 3.3.4 with additional processing in Lightroom 5.7. I also did a couple of exposures at 3 minutes just to test the tracking and had some success, but didn’t have enough time to do a lot of testing. The Mk IV and 70-200 and ballhead I use are just about at the weight limit of the iOptron.

Picture saved with settings applied.

Picture saved with settings applied.

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