New Pilot, New Home

Ok, I’m grounded for a few days while I await the arrival of a new wheel for my powered parachute, so I’m trying to catch up on posting all of the flights I have been taking for the past couple of months. On August 9, 2017 I passed my check ride in Kankakee, IL (KIKK airport) and received my Sport Pilot – PPCL certificate. I’m finally a pilot 32 years after first starting (and not finishing) my studies. Last year I moved from Greenfield, Indiana to Shelbyville, Indiana but kept my powered parachute up at Indianapolis Regional Airport (KMQJ). I finally was able to get hangar space at Shelbyville (KGEZ) and this was the flight where I changed my home base to Shelbyville.

For future posts I will have still photos as well for the flights where I take my DSLR with me. I have a plan to fly over Shelby County, Indiana and photograph all of the cities/towns of the county and post them on the web site here. Once I’m done with that “mission” I’ll see what I can come up with after that. In the meantime I’ll try to get caught up in posting my flights from this summer. Thanks again for visiting and please leave a comment if you enjoyed any of the posts (or not!).

For flight videos I use a GoPro Hero 4 Silver mounted on a ball-head on the right CG tube of my PPC. When I’m flying by myself I’m able to connect the passenger intercom audio output to the GoPro to capture my voice as well as the radio traffic. Since I don’t have a “Y” cable yet, when I’m taking a passenger all you get the hear is the non-stop drone of the engine. I will be fixing that in the future so you will be able to hear both pilot and passenger audio as well as the radio. I’ve also has some issues recently with a bad audio connection into the GoPro which has been resulting in some audio dropouts and sometimes total silence. I’ll work on that to see what the issue is but I think it may be due to a broken mini-usb port on the GoPro. I shoot 1440p video to get the extended vertical range on the video, which results in the 4×3 aspect ratio you see on the videos. I used to use GoPro Studio for all of my video post-processing, but have recently switched to Adobe Premiere Pro, which I’m still in the process of learning, so please bear with me!

For all of my flights I use the Motion-X app on my iPhone to capture the flight track which I can then load into Google Maps and Google Earth and embed to posts on here.

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Thanks again for visiting!

Here is the route of the flight:

Here is some video from the flight:

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