Powered Parachute Flight to Flat Rock, IN 9-20-17

For my second mission of photographing the towns of Shelby County, Indiana I took a nice evening flight to Flat Rock based on a request from Margo Brewer on the “You might be from Shelbyville,In……..If” Facebook group. The flight started off a bit bumpy on the way down, but was very nice on the way back. I love the hills of southern Shelby County, especially from a lower altitude where they stand out even more. Of course I also grabbed some shots of Shelbyville on the way out of town and on the way back. I also just happened to catch the Shelbyville High School homecoming parade and other festivities; on one of the photos you can see the tug of war match if you look closely.

Here is my ground track for the flight:

Here is the entire flight video:

Here are the flight photos in the order that they were taken

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