Powered Parachute Flight to Lake Santee, Indiana – 9-23-2017

On Saturday morning, September 23, 2017 I took a very long morning flight from Shelbyville Municipal Airport to Lake Santee, Indiana and back. The Flight time was 2:15 and covered a total of 72 miles (see map below). I have friend who owns a house on the lake and happened to have his DJI Phantom drone and we coordinated for him to get some air-air video of my flight over the area. Starting around the 24:06 mark in the video, there is a split screen view that shows both my view and the drone view at the same time (within about a second or so…didn’t get it quite synchronized exactly). Of course along the entire way I was also shooting still photos and have included some here as well.

Flight path:

Flight video:

Flight photos:

Looking east along SR 44 into the morning mist

Looking along I74 towards Greensburg, IN

Lots of brand new Hondas!

Action shot of my buddy flying the drone around me

Clarksburg, IN

Milroy, IN.

Fun fact: I got married in this church!

Looking west along SR 244 from Milroy

Caught my shadow

Upon closer inspection…I’m being watched!

Levi Detweiler’s Cabinet shop along SR244. Levi built our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and does incredible work.

I’m being watched again!

Blue Ridge, looking from east to west

Rays Crossing

Looking west along SR44 towards Shelbyville

Saturday morning “traffic jam” waiting to depart runway 01 at Shelbyville Airport (KGEZ)

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