Morning Photo Flight – 10-20-17

I took a vacation day at work and went on a morning flight up to the southeast side of Indianapolis (about 7 miles from downtown) to get some photos of the Indy skyline with the sun behind me for once. All of my other photos of the skyline were taken in the evening and were back-lit. After successfully getting the photos, I then flew down to Franklin, Indiana to get some aerial photos of a relative’s house. Once that was complete I made a bee-line back to home (Shelbyville) to get there before the thermals start to get bad in the late morning sun. The entire flight was right at 2 hours long and I was fortunate in that I only had a few bumps along the way. I also was very paranoid about the Army National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters (as you can see from my “copter check jinks” on the way back to Shelbyville). Camp Atterbury is located just south of Franklin and there is always a large amount of helicopter traffic between there and the Shelbyville airport.

I also finally have my audio issues resolved thanks to a new audio cable for the GoPro. The genuine GoPro audio cables for the Hero 4 are getting harder to find but I stumbled upon some at B&H Photo so I bought 2 so I can keep 1 for insurance later should the other new one get damaged.

I also managed to get another flight in with my oldest son later that evening as well.

Sure as hell beats a day sitting behind a computer in a cubicle. Only six more years until retirement!

Here is the GPS track log of the morning’s “epic” flight:

The wonderfully exciting flight video:

….and of course the whole purpose of the flight….the still photos:


London, Indiana

Distant view of the Indianapolis skyline

Solar farm on the way to Indy

Football practice at Franklin Central High School

Shooting a distant shot of the Indianapolis skyline

Corn maze at Hanna Haunted Acres

Downtown Indianapolis from about 7 miles away

Eli Lilly & Company (my employer) right in front of Lucas Oil Stadium

The Indianapolis Power & Light power generating plant along with the Indianapolis International Airport control tower (just to the right of the smoke stacks)

I-465 on the southeast side of Indy

Franklin, Indiana

My house

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