Powered Parachute Flight to Fountaintown, Morristown and Freeport, IN – 10-31-17

The latest in my series of adventures to photograph the cities and small towns of Shelby County, Indiana took me to Fountaintown, Morristown and Freeport on Halloween, 2017. I did a flyby of the Indy RC Modelers field….in retrospect since no one was flying I could have done a touch-and-go on their runway…would have been way cool…..next time . The temperature at ground level was about 45 degrees during the flight and I did get a bit chilled even though I had 4 layers on top and 3 on the bottom. I think I likely have that issue solved for future flights after today; I splurged up at Duluth Trading Co. and bought the Alaskan Hardgear Ice Fog Down Bibs. Those things are the bomb and can’t wait to try them out on the next flight.

Here is the ground track from the spooky flight:

Flight video (entire flight!):


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