Flight to Rays Crossing, Manilla, Arlington, Carthage, Knightstown and Gwynneville Indiana – 12-3-17 – Part 1

This was a nice morning flight to explore some new areas for me. First off was a short eastward hop over to Rays Crossing and then on over to Manilla. From Manilla I flew north up to and around the east side Arlington. I then continued north out of Arlington up to Carthage and then followed the Big Blue River to Knightstown. I flew westbound from Knightstown past Eastern Hancock schools and then did a few circles around a friend’s house just to the west. The last stop was Gwynneville before heading back to Shelbyville Airport (KGEZ).

Again, this post will be a multi-part post since there are way too many photos to put into a single post. This article will contain photos of Rays Crossing and Manilla below.

Flight Path Note I lost GPS signal over Manila and did not discover it until later in the flight.

Flight Video

Rays Crossing

Manilla and vicinity

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