My Powered Parachute Audio/Video Configuration – 11-8-2017

Most of the powered parachute videos I see online on YouTube either have just engine noise or some sort of background music going during the video. I wanted to do something different and have come up with a setup that allows all of my intercom audio as well as the radio traffic to be recorded […]

Powered Parachute Flight to Fountaintown, Morristown and Freeport, IN – 10-31-17

The latest in my series of adventures to photograph the cities and small towns of Shelby County, Indiana took me to Fountaintown, Morristown and Freeport on Halloween, 2017. I did a flyby of the Indy RC Modelers field….in retrospect since no one was flying I could have done a touch-and-go on their runway…would have been […]

Morning Photo Flight – 10-20-17

I took a vacation day at work and went on a morning flight up to the southeast side of Indianapolis (about 7 miles from downtown) to get some photos of the Indy skyline with the sun behind me for once. All of my other photos of the skyline were taken in the evening and were […]

Powered Parachute Flight to Lake Santee, Indiana – 9-23-2017

On Saturday morning, September 23, 2017 I took a very long morning flight from Shelbyville Municipal Airport to Lake Santee, Indiana and back. The Flight time was 2:15 and covered a total of 72 miles (see map below). I have friend who owns a house on the lake and happened to have his DJI Phantom […]

Pleasant View, London, Boggstown Indiana Aerial Photos – 9-25-17

I took a nice evening photo flight on September 25, 2017 with the mission to photograph a few more small Shelby County, Indiana communities. Since I had previously lived in Pleasant View back in the mid 1990’s, I figured that was a good place to start since I hadn’t taken any photos from that area […]

Powered Parachute Flight to Flat Rock, IN 9-20-17

For my second mission of photographing the towns of Shelby County, Indiana I took a nice evening flight to Flat Rock based on a request from Margo Brewer on the “You might be from Shelbyville,In……..If” Facebook group. The flight started off a bit bumpy on the way down, but was very nice on the way […]

Shelby County, Indiana PPC Flight 9-15-17

This was my first serious photo flight with a mission to shoot the towns of Shelby County, Indiana. This flight took me to Blue Ridge, St. Paul, Waldron and Shelbyville, Indiana. My first target was Blue Ridge, followed by St. Paul, Waldron and then parts of Shelbyville. I took along my trusty Canon 1D Mk […]

MQJ – Home Photo Flight 6-27-17

Back in June I took my DSLR (Canon 1D Mk IV and 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS) with me on a photo flight from Indianapolis Regional Airport (KMQJ) to my home just south of Fairland, Indiana. Here is the ground track and photos from that flight. The video will be posted sometime in the near future. […]

Eastern Shelby/Western Rush County Indiana Flight – 8-26-17

For this flight I decided to head up over my in-law’s house up near Morristown, Indiana. After that I went ahead and did a big eastern loop flying over Gwynneville, Arlington, Homer, Manila, Rays Crossing and Shelbyville, Indiana. I did have a bit of audio difficulties during this flight. There is an issue with the […]

Checking Out My New Home – 7-26-17

So of course the day after relocating my powered parachute to Shelbyville, Indiana I had to take a long flight and check out my new area. It’s always great to explore new territory…especially from the air! This was a nice long 1.75 hour flight where I just flew wherever I felt like going, including a […]